By Oz
For characters created by Robert Loveland and Oz

Map of Corin

Millennia ago when men stopped running wild in the woods and plains, there were two types of people. Those who believed they were greater than the rest and those who were. Soon society began to differentiate between the two and those who were greater took the reins and created a civilization. It was not long until the believers began to lie and steal to make other believe as well. These were usually weeded out in combat as Corin was a land in constant peril.
The land was lush and green with snowcapped peaks to the north and warm seas to the south. Every race was in envy of the men who called it home. From the fierce green skinned and tusked orcs to the savage ogres in their burrows. The races that preceded the men into civilization and merely tolerated their attempts to become great, kept their distances. The Dwarves, strong in the mines and mountain halls and the slight yet long lived elves of the forest realms.
Anywhere the races overlapped there were battles. And with the relatively short lifespans and rapid reproductions the orcs and human clashed more often than any of the others. In these conflicts the unworthy and weak were purged from the ranks of both races. Heroes emerged, and cities and kingdoms sprang up from these heroes homes. Yet the believers who always sought to take a place at the table of heroes still schemed in the shadows.
Five centuries ago, as men were first taming horses to bear their champions aloft, the elves split into two factions. Rumors persist that twins were born unto their queen and at her death the children quarreled for rightful rule. History is unsure as the secretive elves rarely trade with humans much less exchange gossip. All that is known is the Elven civil war was swift and brutal, both sides declining assistance from the human, dwarves, ogres, and orcs. Each race quickly trying to gain favor of the elves in its own future endeavors. The faction of martial elves, swordplay and archery masters without equal were pushed from the lands by the magic wielding Elves. The Mage Elves pushed the rival faction into the sea itself, then guilt ridden for slaying its own kind, retired to the frozen peaks of northern Corin. Of those driven into the ocean, none can say. But sailors and coastal villagers speak quietly around fires of water breathing monsters who walk like men.
The kingdoms of men continued to spread across Corin, making humans the predominate race and self-appointed ruler and protector of the continent. With that sentiment in mind, 50 years ago, the ruler of the largest kingdom in Corin, King Gath Nikovic decided to unite the kingdoms and drive the orcs from the face of his beloved country. With his son, Sir Bethory of Charlemia, and the greatest contingent of knights and soldiers ever seen by this world at his side, he should have succeeded. Taking tactical cues from his greatest knight-general, King Gath pressed the orcs into a single final battle at the base of the mountains. The fateful morning of the conclusion, the King died and before his body cooled his Knight-general, Sir Garrick Gaustus was stripped of rank and disavowed by the kingdom. Having been dishonored by the new ruler Garrick and his small contingent of knights left before the battle. Having lost their King as well as the Knight-general, the author of The Lore of Steel himself, the remaining army was disheartened and was brushed aside by the massed orc army.
The kingdom tenuously clings together as one in the aftermath of the crusade. And the new ruler has revealed himself as a man who believes he is greater than his subjects yet is woefully inept. His personal guard and amassed wealth keeps him in his ill-gotten position. He still holds the title of Prince regent as he was unable to collect his father’s crown after the ensuing battle.
And now as at the beginning of mankind, there are two different kinds of men