Sorry yall I’ve been sick the last few days, food poisoning on top of a cold. bleh. could barely move for fear of my laundry bill going up.

anywho, I missed Tuesday’s blog so I’ll do two today.


The quintessential fantasy barbarian type, huge, strong, scarred and quiet. Yes, I watch the Conan movies when I want to be inspired to play an rpg. so this is a no brainer. We weren’t shooting for and “odd couple” feel when we designed him and Lan, we just built a party of proper adventurers and the two fit together easily. we decided against the bearded viking type, mostly because Lando (our friend we based Lan on) “doesnt do beards”. well that and vikings and beards in general are a bit saturated in today’s world. Overdone in a word, really. I used the name Karl from the movie Die Hard. the big blonde tough that has the final fight with John McClain and seemingly just wont die. (well him a recurring dragon turtle in my dnd game)


Hunk Golden

The pretty boy is directly from the movie HUNK. It was on netflix and as connoisseurs of really bad movies both Robert and I loved this movie. and wanted to re imagine the character into a fantasy setting.  we have plans for the primping primadona so just stay tuned.

BONUS: the femmes

The girls that accompany hunk, the we only refer to as THE FEMMES in writing and blocking stages, are too from the hunk movie which is more obvious later n our story. we were looking for clownish early 80s sterotypes of the fantasy genre and the swooning damsels in distress are a raging trope. we had to include them.



Oz Chibi