Heya, bounders!

Continuing our look into the creative process we use here at Honor Bound today we look at one of our outstanding female characters and first shirt design.


This is one of my favorite characters. the short angry but learned bag of violence who is our resident gnome barbarian is her short time in the comic has garnered a good sized following. For the most part this character is based on a friend of mine’s character from the LARP we play, Amtgard. Randi plays a character called Sorsha. Who when I started playing amtgard was this fur clad vampire barbarian hottie. Off the field she was a soft spoken, intelligent, and artistic but on it she was a beast(thats a compliment). So when I wanted a barbarian for the comic she was the first to pop into my mind. Granted we had to change her name a bit to avoid any lucasfilm/willow legal trouble but it was close. My friend Sorsha also had the title of “Stormbringer” as rain had a tendency to follow her into town for fighting or events so I just had to tip the hat to her by naming her magic weapons the Stormbringers.

This is her back in the day.. prolly bout to sneak up and thump the camera man…


The idea to make her a gnome goes back to my playing World of Warcraft. My first character back in in vanilla wow at release was a gnome warrior on the blackhand server named Shinguard. Loved that toon. Only real time I spent playing alliance side (FOR THE HORDE!). but since we wanted our party to encompass other races we fell on gnome easily, with the comedy ideas coming fast.

And last year we decided to make some limited edition shirts for the comic, we knew we had to have the character on it. especially with the character having a good line (which is coming up soon) we figured it would be a good tagline for her.

Speaking of we have some of those left..post on those coming soon.

stay tooned for some more character inspiration.


Oz Chibi