welcome to our ongoing series of blog posts discussing how we came up with the ideas for the characters here on Honor Bound. today?


Emma Front

(Emma’s limited edition trading card)

Our original roguish lady. again we didnt set out to make sure we included a woman it was just us building an interesting character. Characters with some kind of mystery are always great and we wanted our rogue-ish character to keep her path hidden from the world, the way a real world assassin or thief would. so we wanted to show her so long as a “lost farm girl type” but quickly reveal that there is more to her and she is more than she seems. her design wasnt really based on anyone we know, just an amalgam of females I know. As Robert did the art of the girl her features and skin tone looked outstanding as more of a Mediterranean/middle eastern racial look and its great. as per her clothing we kept it simple farm girl and basic rogue gear. tho we have plotted and planned on the design and look of her daggers more than anything.

I have talked to some people and they asked if the love interest with scout was planned, truth is it just grew with the characters growing organically. and yes strong woman of any type never need relationships to be complete, and I thought as I wrote her that it wasnt her liking scout that made her more open with her rogue roots, but just her inclusion with the adventuring group, as open and accepting as they are.

we have a few different story lines plotted out for her and cant wait to see it.


Oz Chibi