so today we are wrapping up our blog set discussing how we came up with the inspiration for our characters. today is..

Sir Nichol Gaustus

The grandson of a disavowed knight destined and determined to forge a name his family can be proud of. Yeah ok, you got me. I was raised a kid on a farm, my grandfather a boxer and a big time football coach, who was the most excited when I decided to play football. so this whole backstory kind of came from personal interactions there. But like George Lucas kept saying the mythos of the low born hero being trained by a former hero is in most stories. Now being single minded, a little naive, and easily defending the ones who need it I took it from my own life and how I am and was perceived when I left the farm.  I wanted to see him as a large and intimidating guy, tho human as possible so a belly shows that easily (tho I think Robert just saw my gut and went for it). I did want a hero with facial hair, hated the baby face heroes. Give me a bearded hero guy like the prince from Krull. but mostly I wanted to make a guy anybody could easily cosplay as. A little bizarre but as a big guy there are very few characters for us to cosplay as, *quick aside yeah its easy to believe gender swapped, sexy, or even steam punk versions of characters of all kinds, but a fat superman will not be accepted. *endrant

432144_658102360872284_1810043548_nTho not impossible… me n Robert as Comicpalooza in Houston 21 and 24.

Nick’s name came from two different sources, One of my favorite writers is Gabrielle Faust. So I kind of ran them together for his last name with a fantasy flair. His first name Nick was seriously only chosen for the joke from Top Secret, “dad thought of it while shaving” but I like how its grown on the character.


Bonus Character development blog post


This loyal steed turned character is by far one of our most liked in the comic and SPOILER ALERT will be on our next shirt.

Like I’ve said before I grew up on the farm and my father prides himself on his donkeys. He has those goliath monster huge donkeys and they show every year at the livestock show and usually win. and yes one of the best riding animals I’ve ever been on was a donkey. So I just wrote her in as a donkey named Mule. The name was banded about a lot. thought of naming him after the villain of the comic but that would have taken a different road. so when talking about donkeys and such most people think of mules as higher class than donkeys, dunno why. But with that mentality i figured a donkey would want to be mistaken as a mule as often as possible. As for her design, like I said I just wrote her in as Mule the donkey. Robert who very luckily hasn’t had to spend a lot of time on my dads farm as only really seen the smaller donkeys. the Sicilian ones. so when he was doing prelim art on the cast he drew her as such. while at first I balked, but the comedy of the determined small donkey steed won me over.

Sir Nichol Front

So continue to read our epic story of Knights, elves, assassins, gnomes, and donkeys.



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