Its day 6  of our blog talking about the inspiration behind our characters. It’s the home stretch so its down to the final two.  Today its…



Our main character or one could argue one of our main characters, we had such a time trying to figure out and debate this character. We wanted an old school mysterious character like 90’s Wolverine. He is a tight lipped amnesiac or just purposely vague on his back ground.

Now Robert was very adamant on making him some kind of Elf, whether it was his love of the pointy ears or to mock my loathing of them we may never know. Once we had the lore of the elves having been pushed in the sea, a aquatic elf seemed easy. I did want to make sure he fought with a spear, something I know fairly well.


(inset) me fighting with a spear fairly well.

The look was solely designed by Robert and works very well. This was one of the characters that sprang from his mind fully formed, most of our discussion was convincing me I was retarded. The deciding factor about writing him was how easily heroics came from the quiet mysterious character in my mind.

I do like the idea of him being very young for an elf, and that he is named after his position in society and military. But these are probably what makes nick like and trust him almost instantly.

Fun character, much planned for him.


Oz Chibi